Thursday 23 November 2017

I'm Still Here!

Just popping in to say a quick hello, last Thursday was moving day for me and as I'm sure you all probably know watching them load your worldly possessions into a van is quite stressful. I looked on the long term weather forecast before booking and chose a dry day, all I can say is don't trust the long term weather forecast this is what I woke up to..

Added to which they arrived half an hour late by which time I had convinced myself I'd booked the wrong day, fortunately they eventually arrived and three and a half hours later most of my possessions were safely installed in my new home.

I asked the guys to put all the boxes and bags in the garage and place the furniture in it's appropriate room. I'm now trying to fit my possessions into a much smaller space, the bedroom furniture had all been dismantled and had to be put back together again,  it's going to take a while to sort it all out. thank goodness I have a garage now but I think it's going to be a while before my poor car gets to see inside.

I have left a small amount of furniture in my old place and am having to spend odd days there too, there's still a lot of stuff to clear out in fact twenty years of accumulated rubbish, this is certainly a big lesson for me, I have taken car loads to recycling and I'm sure I must have given the charity shops enough stock to last them for years and there is still a way to go!

On top of all that it was my Birthday last Monday and in between everything else a gal has to celebrate reaching the grand age of 65! where has all the time gone? it doesn't seem five minutes since I was celebrating my sixtieth.   Another lesson, enjoy life to the full because the time just goes in the blink of an eye.

The WiFi in my new place won't be up and running until mid December so I'm having to rely on a WiFi hotspot which is very hit and miss but I will be around to visit  you guys whenever I'm able.

Have a great weekend. 😊

Monday 6 November 2017

A Winter Project.

Hello all you lovely people I hope that you've all had a great weekend, it's turning decidedly chilly here in the North East of England with frost coating the almost bare branches of the trees and I can see that the windscreen of my car is going to need scraping before I use it this morning. 

I wish I could just stay indoors all snug with my crochet but I have a million things to do before I move my furniture over to my new house next week.  I still haven't got a buyer for this place yet but I'm moving anyway and I will come sleep over here on odd days to keep an eye on the property. 

So  as usual my crochet is keeping me sane and I have started a great little project which will keep me busy throughout the winter and maybe even beyond.

Another scrap blanket but this time made with granny squares, when I made Wades blanket back here I really enjoyed making the circle in a square because it's so simple.  I love turning all these little bits of yarn 

into these cute little circles My plan is to use all the scraps of Aran weight yarn I have by making them into circles, surrounding them with grey then joining them all into a cosy blanket.

The problem is, although I have a huge 400 gram ball of grey yarn I'm not sure how big a blanket it's going to make, if I want to make it bigger I may have to use another colour to contrast with the grey and the only other colour I have in sufficient quantities is cream which...

I'm thinking would look rather nice, what do you think?  

You can find the circle in a square pattern here

I hope you all have a great week.😊

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Tuesday 31 October 2017

Thorp Perrow Arboretum

Last week was the last trip of the year with the U3A gardening  group, we were so lucky with the weather although it was dull it was the warmest and finest day we'd had for a while.

Thorp Perrow situated in North Yorkshire is an amazing place this was my first visit and certainly won't be the last. I just went crazy with my camera trying to capture the beauty and majesty of the tree's and shrubs, the colours were beautiful, Autumn at it's best, I hope that you enjoy the photo's there are quite a few I'm afraid with a bit of Halloween fun right at the end.😊