Sunday 27 November 2011

Granny Ripple Finished at Last

I seem to have been working a long time on this blanket but in actual fact it's only been just over a month so not too bad really.  I have made this for the homeless as part of the Loving Hands winter Challenges, I'm hoping that besides providing warmth the bright colours will give some cheer to someone who is living rough and doesn't have a place to call home. 
This blanket was a joy to make, such fun to see the colours rippling along, I found the tutorial for this blanket here
I do encourage you to have a go, it's a great stash buster too and much quicker than a traditional granny blanket made with squares and fewer ends to sew in, can't be bad :)

Thursday 10 November 2011

Sweet Girl

Lots of lovely positive comments about the granny ripple thank you everyone, it's lovely to make and best of all no squares to sew up.  The trouble is although I love making blankets they do take an age and I like to see results, so I start to look for some small things to make just so that I can feel like I have done something, the searching can take a while bit in the end I always find something and if that something is cute then so much the better.  This week I found this little sweet girl motif and I fell in love just had to make her not once but twice.  She was such fun to make and is now hanging on my study wall, but just think how good she would look embellishing a bag or little sweater.

Please inspire me and tell me about your favourite cute patterns :)

Thursday 3 November 2011

New Challenges

I would just like to send a huge thank you to everyone who has given me such lovely feed back in their comments on my work it is very motivating and means a great deal to me  :) 
The Halloween fayre was such fun, I was amazed at the beautiful things the ladies of loving hands had sent in, so much talent, and the good thing is that items that wern't sold will be sent on to worthy causes so nothing is wasted.  
Now I can turn my thoughts to the new challengesI have decided to make two blankets, one for the homeless and one for the elephants.  Hats and scarves for the homeless and in between all that, christmas gifts for friends and family so it's going to be a busy couple of months.
I have started to work on the first blanket already it's something I have wanted to try for ages and now the new challenges have given me the opportunity.  I love making granny squares but I wanted to do something different and I think I have found the ideal solution in this granny ripple.  I know some of the ladies in blogland are busy making ripple blankets and they are coming on a treat but I have just made one of those so a granny ripple I think is the way to go especially having seen a beautifully made one on Chalky's World yesterday I think I have made the right decision, if I can make one half as nice I will be happy.
So here I am at the moment planning as I go, it is going  to be a stash buster blanket, so it is a bit of a challenge trying to fit in what colour goes where and whether there will be enough wool to finish two rows lol, I have tried the weighing the wool method but I have found it isn't that accurate, the only real fool proof method is to crochet a row, pull it out then measure it and then you know exactly how long your piece of yarn should be.
Here I am at the start of my journey and I must say I am loving it so far. :)