Wednesday 29 April 2015

More Progress

Thank you for the lovely comments about the flower show I'm glad you all enjoyed the photo's.

Moogly Afghan CAL 2015

The next block for the crochet along will be out tomorrow and I'm all caught up at least with the making of them but not with the blogging we have now completed eight blocks here are blocks five and six....

Block 5
This was a nice one to make with a photo tutorial, I had to work an extra round for this to get the required 12 inches.  Although it is a pretty square it's just a bit too lacy for a blanket square for my liking.

Unbroken Hearts Granny Square
Those holes in the centre are quite huge, I may replace it with one with a more closed pattern but I will leave it for now and decide later

Block 6
Fountain of Roses
I chose one of the alternatives for block six because although the chosen block Solstice Sun Rising  was beautiful it was another very lacy design.  

I really love this square and the pattern was well written I can easily see the fountain in the middle and I think that the rose rounds are so pretty.

Just click here to see my blocks 1-4 I will post the others once they have had their photo shoot. :) 

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Tuesday 28 April 2015

Flower Show

Harrogate Flower Show

I got a bit carried away at the flower show at the weekend, there were so many beautiful things to see I wanted to capture it all and went into photo overload, I hope you enjoy.. 

There is never enough time to see everything ideally it would be good to go for two days so that you could just take your time to wander around, but nevertheless I had a lovely day and even if it was chilly the sun was shining. 

I didn't buy much but I will show you what I did buy in another post, my friends left the show laiden, I would have taken a photo because it was so funny to see them struggling out with bulging bags and bits of metal ornaments sticking out at all angles but my arms were laiden too helping them to carry their stuff! 

Hope you are all having a great week so far :) 

Please link up all your last minute April makes before Friday, the May Stash Party will be up and running on Friday May 1st.  If you are counting please leave me your totals for April here.

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