Tuesday, 6 September 2011


The weather forecast warned of heavy showers last Saturday, nothing really new there  but my friend and I had planned to go walking on that day.  It's not easy for us to get together these days what with work and family commitments so we had put that day aside in our diaries and prayed for a nice day.  Despite the weather forecast we decided to go to Gibside which is not too far from where we live and promised beautiful walks which is what wanted after all.  The sky was heavy and laden with dark clouds which we tried to ignore, my friend found the place without mishap, I was impressed because I would have gotten us lost lol.  We parked the car and were delighted to find a farmers market with all kinds of lovely goodies all thoughts of a walk pushed to the background as we made our way around the stalls filled with lovely food, I couldn't resist, Game pie for my brother, mince and onion for my son and I had to have the luscious looking cheese and onion pasty after all it was shouting, eat me, eat me, lol. Then there were lovely little quiches I had to have two of those and the cakes so nicely decorated, how can you resist, a lemon cake somehow found it's way into my bag too.  The craft stalls were amazing so much talent, beautiful ceramics, jewellery, and woolly made things.  Two lovely ladies were sitting knitting away I felt like getting my crochet hook out and joining them, such friendly people eager to show their work and explain how it was made.  I had to buy this little  mouse it is so cuteWe had to have coffee and a biscuit at the start to give us some energy to walk to the stables, it's quite a long walk but worth it and after all that's what we went for.  

The Palladian chapel
Gibside Hall now just a shell of it's former glory
This fella was waiting for us at the stables.
 Beautiful Views
                We had lunch in the little snack bar once we got there then walked back.  There was so much more to explore and although we had been lucky with the weather so far the black clouds were looming.  To finish off we had a look around the walled garden which housed small plots which the local schools had cultivated, there were all sorts of vegetables, beautiful runner beans, big lusciuous rasberries and I must admit I did pick a few I couldn't bear to think of them going to waste and they were delicious on my cerial the next morning. We just got into the car when the heavens opened so we had timed it exacly right.  It's a beautiful place to visit and I will definately be going back again.

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