Thursday 28 February 2013

Stash-buster February review

Welcome to the February review! The stash-busting is moving at an exceedingly fast pace and I'm really impressed with the lovely things you have all made. As you can see on the right there are now 99 of us stash-busting! remember it's never too late to join in.

I have had a lovely time this week visiting all your blogs and gathering pictures of your beautiful projects, here is a selection below.
Astri at Apple Blossom Dreams

Ana at Lana de-Ana

Erin at a crafty cook

Dari at Dari's Corner

Eizabeth from Elizy Art

Marianna at Lazy Daisy Days

Julia at Jaydee's Ramblings

Shelly at Family Books and Crochet

Tonna at Navy Wife Peters

Natalie at Marigolds Loft

Jaqueline at Opening The Front Door

Val at Yarni Gras

Lorna at my makes and musings

Tracy at Crochet Happy

Regula at  Babajeza's Wundertüte 

Mistea at Mistea Crafts

Inga at Arctic Strawberries

Hafza at Hook n needle creations

Jaqueline at Opening The Front Door

Nicole at dabbling all day

Kate at Stitches,Scraps and Sparkles in the Sun.

Tammy at T's Daily Treasures

Becca at Restoring her Lecacy

Ashley at Sincerely Teal

Wendy at September Violets





Pat A

I hope you have all enjoyed your stroll through the February Gallery, I will be pinning the link to the stash-buster galleries at the top of my blog so you can come back and take a peek whenever you like.

The next review will be on Thursday 28th March
  • Please label your projects stash-buster so I know that they have been made for the challenge.
  • if like me you want to keep a tab on how much stash you have busted please weigh your projects and I will update the totals every month.

If I have missed anyone and they would like their pictures included in the gallery please leave me a comment

January Galleries

Now how much stash has everyone busted?.. follow me and find out here 


  1. WOW! Look what you have done Linda. You have inspired and helped a lot of people. So many incredible projects all in one place! Thank you for gathering these all up and thank you for all the time a love you put into this.

  2. Hi Linda !! OMG everyone has been so busy early in the year !!!
    I guess I did not get in time for February, hopefully will have lots more to show in March.

    It looks wonderful all together !!

    Thanks for sharing !

  3. you must all be so proud................x

  4. Boy, I'm humbled by the amount of knitting and crocheting these ladies have produce in one (short!) month!!! And such beautiful pieces all round. I'm going to have to wait till this evening to take my time admiring all this crafty goodness ... thanks for putting this together Linda, I know it takes a lot of time to compile so many photos ... onward to March!! Have a great day :) Wendy

  5. It is amazing to see all the projects together! Great progress was made, and wonderful projects have come out. Congratulations to the Loving Hands ladies. It is great to have a glance at their projects too ;-)

  6. What a wonderful collection! Everyone has been working hard; great job, ladies! Thank you, Linda, for arranging this and keeping up with everyone's productivity.

  7. Oh my goodness. Some of you can seriously use up a lot of yarn. Makes the two little hats I finished seem like nothing. Btw, I don't see my projects in the gallery and would love it you would add them.

    1. No sooner said than done Erin, they are so cute :)

  8. There are so many beautiful projects here! Well done everyone :o)
    And it's so inspiring to look through all the inventive ways for using up yarn. I'm looking forward to March!

  9. Thank you Linda for a wonderful review and to all the ladies for all their projects - big pat on the back! Thank you for leading the way Linda xx

  10. It must have taken ages to collect and post all the photos Linda, but totally worth it as it's great to see what everyone has made, and to get ideas for next month. Thank you so much :)

  11. Thanks Linda - lots of lovely inspiration here for the coming months.
    Lots of amazingly creative players.

  12. Wow! What an inspiring collection! I crocheted a lot while in Sri Lanka for all the little girls surrounding me but forgot to take pictures. Ugh! Best wishes, Tammy

  13. Wow! indeed . That is an amazing collection. Well done one and all

  14. Everyone did such great projects!


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