Friday, 13 May 2022

A few Grumbles, Crochet and A Lovely Walk

The Weather

The weather in my part of the world continues to disappoint, yes it is a little warmer but for the past few days we have had strong winds which makes it feel decidedly cooler. It always seems to be windy these days, I prefer the rain to wind any day. 

The Fence

My fence which was damaged during the storms earlier this year has been repaired at last, it has taken over five months to find someone to repair it and although he has inserted the posts he hasn't been back to finish it off, he has left planks of wood and his spirit level! wedged against the fence to prevent it moving while the concrete sets.

 It also needs screws inserted from my neighbours side. It seems like you have to chase everything up these days, I know how it'll go I'll call him to remind him to come and finish off, he'll give me a day then I'll have to text or call him the day before and on the actual day to remind him and still there will be no guarantee that he'll return. On the bright side at least the posts are in and if he doesn't turn up I'm sure my neighbour will be able to insert a few screws.

The Garage Door

I have an up and over type of garage door and I find it very hard to open, I've had problems ever since I moved into this house, either it jams half way or it just won't open at all. I have cleaned it and oiled it several times but it makes no difference. One day it will open no bother and the next it just sticks, added to which it needs painting again. So I decided to get a new electric garage door with a remote, out came the fella that supplies these doors,  he was charm itself very friendly and never stopped chatting, he took ages measuring up and said it will take three to four weeks. Now two months later there's still no sign of the door, I have called him several times and he always says it'll be at the end of next week, well here we are at the end of yet another next week and still no sign of the door. 🤦

That's it no more grumbles and thank you for letting me get that lot off my chest now onto nicer things.

The Walk

I go to a Lip reading class every Tuesday morning and now that the weather is better (apart from the wind) I walk to the Town Hall where it's held.  It's about a 30 - 40 minute walk depending on which route you take and just lately I have taken the longer route through the woods.

It's beautiful seeing the bright green lushness of the new Spring growth, I try to drink it in because I know the colours will soon change and that bright green will fade.  The walk takes me past the area where they felled the tree's back in 2020.  I'm pleased to see that they haven't as yet built anything on the land although holiday lodges were predicted, time will tell if that does happen but for now it's lovely to see the wild flower meadow instead of this...

Comfrey in abundance, red campion and bluebells....

Rapeseed in the distance

The English bluebells are beautiful this year

Through the woods and onto the road, past the field of the rapeseed shining bright yellow in the sunshine...

Past the rail crossing

It's lovely to see the trees have come back to life and are showing off their new green foliage'

You must admit it's a very pleasant walk indeed.

I have finished the bunting which is being made to commemorate the queens platinum jubilee.  Both the knitting and the crochet u3a groups are making some and it will eventually adorn the train station.  This is my contribution it's 15 triangles wide and I quite enjoyed making it, I used Lucy's bunting pattern which you can find here, it's super quick and easy. I will show more photos once it's in situ at the station.

Remember the pattern Azul I showed you in my last post well I did succumb as you knew I would and I bought it.  I have made a swatch with one of the tiles just to get an idea of size and tension...

There are 72 different tiles in the pattern so you can pick and choose which ones you would like to use for your project. They are very easy and straight forward and I would say that this is the perfect pattern for anyone wishing to try out Mosaic Crochet.  These tiles are very much in vogue at the moment and I love the fantastic choice of designs that are available in the pattern. 
Click below for the pattern
There is also some embroidery going on, a bit of a late start for the birth flower of the month Lily of The Valley

I will be sewing this and deciding on which project to make with the Azul pattern, I have a baby blanket to finish off too so lots to keep me busy. 

Have a great weekend and take care until next time.😘😘



  1. I hope you get your projects finished Linda. Springtime looks so pretty in your area and it looks like you are busy with craft projects. Enjoy the weekend Linda.

  2. Oh Linda, you don't have much success with your workmen, do you? I bet you wish you had access to 'my' Colin lol! At least some progress has been made with your fence though, and as you say, if the guy fails to come back, I'm sure your neighbour would complete the task. Nice to see your various projects as they come along. Have a nice weekend! xx

  3. You live in such a beautiful place. I wish ours was half lovely as yours. I would definitely cherish my walks amongst those gorgeous flowers! Love your bunting and the mosaic tile is beautiful!

  4. Those bluebells are beautiful. I hope your fence and garage door get fixed soon!

    With love from,
    Kelly (Mrs. Kiwi)

  5. Sorry to hear that you've had trouble with reliable workmen. I know there's trouble with materials but...we've waited for nearly a year for some window / seal replacements. We've cancelled due to too many unanswered calls. Nice walk, thank you for showing us around x

  6. What a gorgeous walk that is! The bluebells! Sigh. I think you're entitled to grumble a bit about the fence. Glad it's nearly done.

  7. I often think getting a tradesperson to turn up when arranged and on time is nothing short of a miracle. I hope you have some success very soon.
    The wildflowers look beautiful. X

  8. Those bluebells are lovely :)

    All the best Jan


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