Thursday, 6 January 2022

The Last Stitch!

 I did it! the last stitch of the Twelve Days of Christmas Sampler was placed late on Christmas Eve, and yes I did do a little dance to celebrate. I am so pleased that I managed to get it finished but it was touch and go as there was so much to plan and organise because of Christmas.  Now it needs framing and then it will go away until next Christmas.

This is how it all began way back in September 2020 when Jo invited us to sew along with her, I challenged myself to sew a day a month, it didn't quite happen but at least it was sewn in time for Christmas.

 I am pleased to say that this project cost me absolutely nothing I had all the materials that were needed in my stash.

Many years ago a work colleague brought her collection of cross stitch magazines and quite a few cross stitch kits into work and asked if anyone wanted any as she was finished with them, of course I pounced on them at the time and kept the magazines and made quite a few of the projects in them, when I moved house I passed the magazines on but kept what was in the kits the Aida fabric and the silks. 

Go back even further to 1975 - 1995 when I was living in Syria I often frequented  Sūq al-Ḥamīdīyah in Damascus it was like paradise for a craft lover like me.  While I was there I purchased dozens of embroidery silks and I still have lots left.  For the Twelve days of Christmas Sampler all the threads came from that particular stash, I was afraid that I would run out of the red but as luck would have it I had just enough as if it had been waiting for this particular project. 

So as you can see this item has quite a history already. I intend writing a little note and will put it inside of the frame at the back for future generations to find explaining how it all came about. They will also have the fun of finding the mistake in each of the twelve days too, because not one of them is perfect and the mistakes weren't made on purpose either haha.

Although I really enjoyed making this I have come to the conclusion that cross stitch is just a bit too taxing for my eyes now.  To make this I had to wear magnifying lenses and make sure I was sat in good light and even after doing that, at the end of the session my eyes were aching and sore.  I'm not saying I won't ever do a cross stitch design again but I think for my next project I'm looking for something that is easier to see and won't strain my eyes as much. With this in mind I have been browsing and searching for something to sew.

I love embroidery although it has to be said I'm no expert, I did purchase a few Embroidery magazines last Summer and there are some lovely templates that came free with the magazine and I would like to make some of those.

I have also found this website Stitchdoodles  which I'm sure many of you will be familiar with but is new to me.  I love it as there is so much inspiration and a lot of information about embroidery techniques.  They are hosting  the SAL Winter Splender which is due to start  on the 12th January. Are any of you sewers joining in with this? I'm not going to take part just now but I will be watching the Facebook page to see everyone's creations. 

I like the idea of completing something small each month and I like the look of the Birth Month Flowers, the templates are available for free on the website along with instructions on how to sew them, I have already downloaded the January birth flower snowdrops and I'm hoping that I have the threads to sew it in my stash, I'm sure I will have (see above haha)

As for crochet, I have so many crochet projects buzzing in my head but I must finish the throw that I'm making to match the cushions and new rug, I'm starting on the border now so it shouldn't be long.

I am going to try and post more often this year but I always say this and then life gets in the way but my intentions are good, the biggest problem I find is, and I've said this before several times there just isn't enough hours in the day! 😄

Take care until next time. 😘😘


  1. I completely changed 11th design on mine, I love we make things individual, well done on finishing it, hope you show it once in its frame. Mine I made into a small cushion and gave it to a friend who tea he'd me how to sign the song in British sign language.

  2. Congratulations on finally finishing your sampler! I will look forward to seeing it 'in person' in due course. I quite enjoy doing cross stitch although I have only ever made a couple of wedding cards. My friend, Wilma, used to do a lot of it and I still have some of her pictures that she did for me xxx

  3. I love the way your 12 days of Christmas stitching came out Linda. You do such beautiful work and the crochet looks great too. I would love to crochet my first beginner sweater. I just need a beginner pattern and the yarn. Wishing you a happy new year Linda.

  4. Congratulations on finishing your 12 Days of Christmas, it looks wonderful and i think it's a great idea to put a little note of how it came about for future generations to find. I too struggle to see the holes when stitching now, I wear my glasses and use a magnifier, i wouldn't be able to stitch without my magnifier now.

  5. Congrats ! The result is lovely !!!!
    Your crochet will be too !
    Have a lovely week-end !

  6. Brilliant, it looks wonderful and you've put me to shame seeing as I was the one who asked if anyone wanted to stitch along and I'm the only one with an unfinished sampler, haha. Never mind, it'll get finished eventually. There's no way I'd be able to cross stitch without my magnifying light, even with glasses I can't see the holes.

  7. The sampler is exquisite and so well stitched.. A proper heirloom and I love the history behind it too.

  8. well done on completing the 12 days of Christmas stitching project. I did an embroidery project during the first lockdown and really enjoyed doing embroidery again.

  9. Your Christmas cross stitch sampler is wonderful! I had always wanted to cross stitch a sampler but I don't think it's going to happen anymore, too stressful for the eyes.

  10. Very well done on completion of the Christmas Stitching.
    I do like the idea of the Birth Month Flowers project too.

    My good wishes for 2022, enjoy your weekend.

    All the best Jan

  11. Well done, it’s really lovely. Good for you for using materials from your stash too.

  12. Congrats on finishing the sampler, a heirloom finished. It is beautiful. I used to do tapestry but that is hard on my eyes now too. Look forward to seeing the Birth Month Flowers embroidery. I will have a look at that site as I would like to have an alternative to crochet sometimes.

  13. Your Twelve Days of Christmas sampler is beautiful, Linda. And how wonderful that you used such special threads in it. A note for someone in the future to find sounds like a great idea. I know I'd love to find something like that. Makes me think if I ever finish my "covid" piece (it was a SAL begun in 2020), including a note would be a good idea. Thanks for the link to Stitchdoodles. It's new to me!

  14. Really gorgeous Linda. You are so talented! I had to give up cross-stitching as it is also hard on my eyes now so I reverted back to crochet. I occasionally do something small or embroider amigurumi faces but that is about it. Happy 2022! Take care. Amanda x.

  15. Linda, the story behind your gorgeous Twelve Days of Christmas cross stitch is fabulous! I love the sound of fossicking around a beautiful craft store in Damascus! How fascinating! Love the sound of stitching a pretty birth flower each month. I look forward to seeing each flower you stitch. I can totally relate to your thoughts of trying to blog more, but as you say life always gets in the way. I am thinking you and I will never be those ladies who post every other day. =) I cannot wait to see what gorgeous pretties you imagine this year......especially your amazing crochet pretties♡

  16. I'm loving the Twelve Days of Christmas Sampler!

  17. Wow, your twelve days of Christmas sampler is so beautiful!
    Have a nice and creative 2022!


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