Friday 10 December 2021

More Christmas Crochet Mosaic

 Mosaic Crochet continues to become more and more popular,  this time last year I was frantically  trying  to complete my Mosaic cushions and luckily I succeeded, it was lovely to see them again when I went up in to the loft in search of my Christmas decorations.  

I know I have just made new cushions but they will have to step aside just for the month of December and let these take centre stage.  I had planned on gifting some of these but I liked them too much to give away, I do plan to give one to my daughter.

I used panels from Letitia's Holiday CAL blanket by Rosina Plane

Last Year my Mosaic Christmas post was so popular I thought I would add to it just to give you an idea of what new patterns are available this year. 

More patterns seem to be added to the mosaic Christmas list by the day and here are just a few of those that I have seen and loved enough to purchase the patterns, all of these patterns are for the overlay mosaic technique. 

Christmas Table Runner
by Anneke den Outer

Christmas Penguin Potholder
by Anneke den Outer
This designer has some fabulous designs and you can see them all here on Ravelry

I had to purchase this pattern as soon as I saw it, I know my daughter would absolutely love it, I would love to make it and use it as a wall hanging but I think it would turn out too large even if I used fine cotton yarn. This designer's patterns have 35% off the price until the 12 December.
You can see them all here
By the same designer, I had my little grandson Mikey in mind when I bought this one
Oh Christmas Tree

Winter Wonderland
by Ana Morais Soares

So many beautiful patterns so little time! certainly not enough time for me to make any of them this year.  

I am in the process of making  some of these Mosaic Stars because they are so easy and although it's a bought pattern the YouTube tutorial is free.  

Mosaic Stars
by Tinna Thórudóttir Thorvaldsdóttir

I had a lovely relaxing evening crocheting these along with Tinna and I plan on making more if time will permit, they are small enough to pop into an envelope with a Christmas card as a little Christmas gift and lovely to string to together to make a garland. Tinna gives you lots of idea's in her tutorial too, you can watch it here 

More Patterns I have seen

Let it Snow Afghan
by Lynette Kosar

I will add to these if more become available, please let me know if any of you come across more Christmas Mosaic and I will add it here.

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  1. Such lovely Christmas patterns Linda, no wonder you are spoilt for choice? I love that Nativity scene - could almost convince myself to make a wall hanging for next Christmas! xxx

  2. Your cushions are lovely, I wouldn't be able to part with them. I'm a much better knitter than crocheter, I think these patterns would definitely be beyond my capabilities at the moment. There's so many new things I'd like to learn but not enough time to do everything, if only there were more hours in the day.

  3. I love those gorgeous Christmas pillows you made Linda. It looks like you are inspired to do some mosaic projects. I hope you enjoy the weekend Linda.

  4. You are a real inspiration with your crochet, I love it, so unusual.

  5. Your 3 pillows are so cute, Linda.
    I will test this technique in the future for sure.

  6. Lovely Christmas mosaic patterns, I have stopped crochet and knitting for awhile as my arthritis in my fingers is quite bad and the fingers continually lock up. Lots of exercising will get me back into it slowly.

  7. All mosaic patterns especially your pillows are awesome.
    What a choice, difficult because they are all beautiful.

  8. I can understand why mosaic crochet is so popular, as all these patterns are gorgeous. It is lovely to see your beautiful Christmas cushions decorating your home. Mikey's pattern is a sweet one, but I particularly love the Nativity pretty. So, so many patterns to keep you busy throughout the year, for next Christmas, Linda.

  9. I think your cushions look lovely.
    Enjoy your weekend.

    All the best Jan

  10. Your cushions are beautiful !
    Mosaic crochet is indeed gorgeous but tricky too ;)
    Have a cozy week !

  11. All of the Mosaic patterns are wonderful - including your pillows. ❤

  12. Beautiful beautiful makes and mosaic is indeed very striking. I just love all those patterns not at all surprising! Your cushions are gorgeous like yourself I would not like to give any away! Keep well. Amanda x


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